International Professionals

Many would like to build up an existence in Germany and bring with them the appropriate motivation and know-how. Benefit from our experience in the demand-oriented recruitment of international professionals through our worldwide network.

Candidate Qualifications

The program is designed for candidates who wish to obtain B2 certification in German and training for the Nursing Diploma Recognition Examination in Germany.

Full support

Candidates are fully supported by qualified staff at all stages of the program. We provide German language instruction with teachers who have international training and/or experience, reinforcement instruction (on call), curriculum development, and interviews with German employers, as well as preparatory interviews. We also assist our candidates with diploma exams, bureaucracies, and issuance of work and residence visas.

Support from the company

K&K social resources and Development GmbH is a German company with international experience and has extensive experience and strong partners with employers in Germany

Why K&K?


The preparation for the application and the preparation of a resume


The chance to sign an employment contract as a licensed nurse in partner organizations of the program


National and international professional training (language and technical skills)


Support for the validation of the diploma as a nurse specialist


The assistance in obtaining a permanent residence and work visa.


Cooperation with international professionals


The professional growth and development of personality


Support in finding an apartment during the first time in Germany


An Introduction to Integration in Germany, Registration and Social Systems

We think beyond national borders and provide a large pool of qualified specialists. We support them in their countries of origin, both linguistically and professionally, so that they can enter the German labor market.

There is an increased demand for specialists, among other things, in the form of career starters and nurses with many years of professional experience, some of whom have knowledge in specific areas such as intensive care or surgery.

We offer security and seriousness for our candidates and customers. K&K is a company that offers a unique and legally secure opportunity to work and live in Germany. Our standard procedure supports you not only in securing specialists, but also in procedures such as professional recognition, work permits and visas.

Qualification of professionals

Our qualification program is designed to take a holistic approach and comprehensively qualify candidates for recognition as a nurse in Germany.

As part of the program, candidates are prepared for certification at the B2 level by receiving intensive German language instruction. Candidates will have sufficient language skills to communicate with different audiences in both professional and private settings.

In addition to the German lessons, the candidates are offered specific nursing language lessons that will be beneficial both for practicing nursing management abroad and for obtaining the recognition of the diploma and obtaining the professional license.

Integration is a “Must-have”

Attracting international professionals and working together successfully in the long term – that is our mission.
That’s why integration by and with K&K doesn’t just start with entry. We prepare your top candidates for intercultural peculiarities and country-specific knowledge in advance. In addition, our diversity training for companies and workforces promotes diversity-oriented cooperation.

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