International candidates

You want to build up an existence in Germany and bring along the appropriate motivation and know-how?

Minimum requirements

You are a Bachelor graduate

You are max. 40 years old

You have at least 3 years of work experience

You are ready to make the decision to move

You are ready to adapt to a new culture

You are willing to focus on learning German for at least three hours a day during the week

We want you to feel well taken care of and informed during this process. In the same way, we want to prepare you for life in Germany.
The smooth start of your new chapter in life is important to us. Therefore, we plan your entry carefully and accompany you at the start of your new chapter.

Sponsored by K&K social resources and development GmbH


Recognition process in the home country


Support in the migration process.


Assistance with job interviews with German employers.


The German language course is offered by qualified teachers (A1 – B2).


Teaching materials


International exams/certificates


We provide certified translations


How does the validation of the nursing diploma work?

The candidate has only two attempts to pass the exam.
The evaluation is done individually in each case.
Approval is confirmed with the issuance of a professional license,
which validates the nursing diploma.

How do the language lessons proceed?

The classes are online and are led by special teachers. Classes are held on a weekly basis. Candidates can choose between two class times to fit the classes to their daily work and study schedule.
Classes are in German and take place intensively in international groups with candidates from all over the world. The training covers a wide range of topics such as nursing in general, pathologies, and psychology.

Where can I find corporate responsibility?

You can easily save the Corporate Responsibility as a PDF file in German, English, and Portuguese.

Corporate Responsibility (Deutsch)

Corporate Responsibility (English)

Corporate Responsibility (Português)

Where can I find the data protection guideline?

You can easily save the privacy policy as a PDF file in German, English, and Portuguese, just as you did with the company name responsibility.

Data protection guideline (Deutsch)
Data protection guideline (English)
Data protection guideline (Português)